Tuesday, September 15, 2009

take a hike

my goal with this blog is to continue to post anything and everything i find inspirational in the hopes that it might inspire someone else...so let me share with you my favorite way to spend some time with my kids.
take a hike...i swear, all your worries, neurotic thoughts and nitpicking behaviors (not that i ever have any of these, of course) will simply melt away...it is the truth!
your kids will open up to you, you will really be present to hear them and see them, you'll get some exercise, you'll feast your senses on new and intriguing sights, smells and sounds, and...best of all...you never know what will happen, so it is a new adventure each time!
on this particular hike we found a labryinth with a little spot for treasures in the middle. we had about an hour's worth of entertainment in that spot alone...my son added a pinecone covered in dandelion puffs to the treasure pile. he said the pinecone was covered with fairies...

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  1. These are beautiful photos, Amy. Where is this?