Monday, September 7, 2009


the masochist in me likes to sign up to do stuff...a lot...sometimes when i am pretty sure i might not even have the time.

i signed up to assemble a bunch of take home books for my son's school. considering that each book takes me about 45 minutes to complete, the vice principal of the school sensibly gave me 5 books to complete. "i can totally do more," says i.

says she (with skepticism) "really?"

"yeah, oh for sure, i love this kind of thing...give me more!" (why people? why do i do this?)

so after doing 7 out of the 13 books i brought home, i was pretty over the whole thing.

BUT...i'm always i brought the whole operation with me to our weekly family dinner at my in-laws house and with the help of my truly wonderful family, we banged those remaining 7 books out in a flash...thank you guys! (i'll let you know the next project i volunteer you for, ok?)


  1. Amy, I feel your pain! And, I totally appreciate what you did for your teacher! I used to hand out this project to parents in my room too after trying to do it myself the first time around. Bless you!!!

  2. Teri,
    Am I crazy??? When did you teach? Did I know this?

  3. hey, its not the same teri! me teri d. never taught...
    but i actually have 2 bags of these books in my house since the first week of school because i volunteered to collate these for mika's k classroom. they still sit in the living room completely untouched...

  4. ha!!!! ok!!!! I see, 2 teri's have been commenting!!!!!!!!! wowzers! Teri D...get my family involved, they are great at it, come to one of our wed family dinners!