Thursday, October 1, 2009

love me some october

yes!!! october is here!!!! my absolute favorite celebrate I am doing a couple of new things.
the first thing, i will be participating as a vendor at the Munchkin Halloween Costume & Trick or Treat Parade! it is Sunday, October 25th from 1-4 pm at Larkey Park in Walnut Creek, California! this is a big step for me because it is the first time i will be showing my work to the "real world" as well as the virtual world of Etsy and this here blog!
there will be lots of other vendors at this event as well along with kiddos in costumes...always a great thing! check it out in more detail by visiting
maybe some of you are wondering what is that picture of a big block with H's all over it for???
well, that is my friend Hilarie's website logo, she is the wonder woman organizing the Munchkin Parade, she also has tons of great nuggets on her website about parenting, products, fun events...just about anything...
the last thing...(sorry so much text)...15% off of anything at my etsy shop for the month of october if you mention anything about Hilarie's website!!!! Just contact me through the shop
whew...enough typing.......welcome october, you rule!!!!

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