Tuesday, November 24, 2009

this modern family

well, this is my 2 year old daughter, my 9 year old son and his 4 month old brother...my son's father and brother live in a different town... 3 hours away. we split up when my son was 2. we try to make the best of this situation, but I have to say...some of the most heart wrenching, infuriating, crazy making and just plain sad moments have occured due to this situation. so far the two biggest things I have learned out of this have been that often times my son is more wise, calm, flexible and patient than his parents and that ALL things pass....

why am I even writing about this? well, i have always been inspired by honesty...especially when it is about hard stuff. i have a lot of respect for people who can open up about the not so pretty parts of their lives, and while i do love sharing the "prettier" aspects of life (thrift store finds, artwork, beautiful images...) I want to share some of the funk of my life and how we deal with it.

this is definitly a process, i have made some huge mistakes along the way...usually when anger gets the best of me. i try to stay focused on these beautiful faces and what is best for them...but sometimes i am embarrased to admit my anger in dealing with my son's father has gotten in the way of that.

things are slowly getting better, my husband points out how i don't let my buttons get pushed quite as easy as i used too, and my dad tells me that everything mellows with age. anyhow, i love these kids, SO MUCH, even my ex's little guy, and as far as i can see, they all seem pretty happy so far...

so here is to our special family blend and to being really honest with all...
may someone find some inspiration here to be honest in their own life.
thanks for reading.


  1. You are very brave to be so honest about your special family blend and your family is lucky to have such an awesome mom that loves them all very much!

  2. Thank you, you knowit...being a mama is the best thing.

  3. amy - you have a way of seeing beauty in everything and finding the positive in every situation!
    you can laugh and find humor in almost everything which is why i love you so much!!!
    your honesty is so refreshing and what makes me feel so lucky that you are my friend.
    thank you for sharing this lovely picture and your very special sentiments about your blended family!

  4. amy - , i feel so lucky that you're my friend.
    you always see the beauty in everything and never fail to find humor in any situation.
    your honesty is so refreshing and i especially am inspired by the way you see life and the way you live it! i love you and your beautiful blended family!!!