Tuesday, December 15, 2009


ok! here is something fun! if there is anyone that knows where this sign is located, they will win one item of their choice from my etsy shop! memakestuff.etsy.com
just be the first one to leave the location in a comment on this post!
(hint...this is one of my favortite places to get butternut squash ravioli...)


  1. is this on telegraph avenue in berkeley?

  2. YES!A comment! Well Miss Teri that is a VERY close guess...this is actually located on Grand Ave...but you know what...since you are the only commenter...YOU WIN!!!!!! YAY yay!
    This is Zza's on Grand Ave. in Oakland...super good and has tablecloths the kids can draw on. Anyhow, Teri, go to the shop let me know what you choose or you can think of something I can make special for you! Thank you for playing!

  3. hooray i win!!!!
    i never win anything!!!!
    okay so i'm going to give you a challenge -
    amy, i want a picture of BABY BUDDHA!

    hee hee!

  4. ok...baby buddha!!!!!!! this makes me smile and say ok, yes, this is a challenge,,,but you are on like donkey kong lady!!!!!!