Monday, December 7, 2009

super fun trees

oooh la la i loooove these wonderful trees...i found them on a blog called fem manuales .
i can't really understand this blog as it is in spanish and although i took 3 years of h.s. spanish, 2 years in college, spent mucho time in Mexico, i am ashamed to admit...i still can only  vaguely understand this beautiful language. what i think is going on at this blog is lots of great artwork done by talented children at a school somewhere. although i could have it all wrong and this could be a really dark and twisted blog about people who are engaging in unlawful child labor and making obscene amounts of money off the backs of the less powerful and now i am unwittingly engaging in these heinous acts as well...oh no, i need to move down to baja for a few years to brush up on my spanish language skills then i will know exactly just what type of activity i am promoting here...anyhow, i like these trees. Muy bien.  

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