Friday, February 5, 2010

before and after

who doesn't love before and after pics? one of my very guilty pleasures is checking out the famous "did they or didn't they" plastic surgery pics (has anyone seen those crazy Heidi Pratt pics? her face has ZERO expression now...does it maybe match her insides? ouch, that was mean)...
well, no question here, this kitchen got a major makeover...
a very sweet fifth grade friend gave this kitchen to my daughter...a female rite of passage called the passing of the kitchen...anyhow the colors weren't working in Hayley's room so after having a little work done, this kitchen is ready to take on the next phase of her life. go girl!


  1. Nice work! It looks amazing. I can't wait for to play with it.

  2. yes, please come over and play...and also look at the "addition" kiara made to the kitchen!

  3. looks incredible! very modern and very scandinavian!