Monday, February 15, 2010

reason number 57 why i love living in the bay area

wow, wow, wow! we had so much fun at the discovery bay museum last weekend. what a feast for all of the senses, everything is so hands on and interesting for all ages...the vibe is very mellow with lots of places to sit and relax and just observe all of the wonder surrounding you. go on a warm day so that the outdoor exhibits can be thouroughly enjoyed...(p.s. my little girl is getting really good at going in the big girl potty!!! at the discovery bay museum she used the restrooms, which were very lovely, all day long...YES!)


  1. One of the coolest places EVER! Great pictures! Congrats to your girl for using the big girl potty too!

  2. we should go here together someday, I noticed they do birthday parties there as well!