Tuesday, March 9, 2010

dollhouse dad before and after pics

every so often we volunteer to watch my in-laws terrier, Maggie. so, every so often our lives are involuntarily "simplified" by Maggie's chewing habits. most of the time i am secretly relieved when she chews up the kids plastic crappy toys..."oh man, that is just too bad that Maggie chewed up your prizes from Chuck.E.Cheese...real bummer..."       
 BUT when Magzilla attacked the dad from the dollhouse, it was an EMERGENCY!
after prompt medical intervention, i am happy to report that dollhouse dad is recovering nicely after the reconstructive surgery. the scarring should be all but invisible in the weeks to come. i think he might be suffering from some PTSD as he seems to be hitting the bottle pretty heavy...
but, whatever gets you by, right?


  1. He has a great plastic surgeon! Incredibly talented in fact!!!
    And by the way, he resembles a white obama to me!

  2. I love dollhouse dad's new look. I especially like that he's dressed up so nicely (a tie!) for his recovery.
    Mopsy got our dollhouse baby. Perhaps you could refer us to dollhouse dad's surgeon.
    (Also, I feel the same way when Mops gets to the plastic toys; she's good at keeping our lego population in check).

  3. Great save. Dollhouse dad looks 10 years youger. Bet Dollhouse Mom is thrilled. LOL.

  4. Ha! I imagine dollhouse mom is having a good time with her "new" man!