Monday, March 1, 2010

eye candy

wow, my family and i have been very busy these past weeks, lots of travel all over California, not much time for creating things other than good memories (which could just be the most important thing of all, but if you are like me...i get itchy when i can't get crafty on a regular basis).
but i did get to feast my eyes on some amazing sights...springtime in California blows me away, the light is always changing, creating new moods every 5 seconds (i can relate!).
enjoy these pictures, California amazes me!


  1. Good eye = great pictures! I see wood blocks with orchids, paper lanterns, flowers/springtime, etc. That's some inspiring stuff lady!

  2. amy, these pictures are beautiful!!!

  3. thanks my trusted commenters...i love you guys!
    C. you always help me take the next step! thinking about paper lanterns now!