Wednesday, April 7, 2010

handmade ho down!

well my people, i survived my first real craft show experience! it was quite a bit of fun and i learned a lot. (like next time sit BEHIND my table as I felt very exposed just hanging out off to the side...kinda strange) the folks at mini marzipan put on a great show and YES...there really was cream corn, visualize regular people in their skivies wrestling around in a small amount of creamed corn...actually pretty disturbing.
my absolute FAVORITE was the world's smallest postal service. this amazingly creative lady has invented a teeny tiny world all of her own and part of that is her very tiny postal service...yep, she will send very tiny copies of your letter for you (i ordered one for my kiddos) anywhere you want! i will post pics when it comes...please go check into this, where does she come up with this? I almost hyperventilated when I figured out what she was doing...teeny tiny things float my boat...well some teeny tiny things...a-hem.


  1. hello,
    I read that this is your first craft show--congrats! you look like a pro from the pictures. Keep goin' and good luck!


  2. well thank you! are you a crafty lady?

  3. great pictures! your booth looks awesome and so do you!! I am so glad to have seen it in person!