Tuesday, April 13, 2010

oh the DRAMA!!!!!

ok, so my 2.5 year old daughter is soooooooooooo dramatic lately...i am talking INTENSE SHAKESPERIAN levels of drama have been happening in our household ...here just a few memorable quotes(imagine them being screamed) from the 2.5 year old in the past few days "I want to make Daddy sad...(followed by an outburst of crying)  and about the kitchen she loves to play with all the time, "I don't like my kitchen...(followed by an outburst of crying and throwing herself on her kitchen) and the time when she screamed "I not eat it" as she was carrying some off limits candy around for about an hour while sneaking licks (of course this was followed by an outburst of crying!)

actually my brain is pretty fried from all the screaming and crying because I know there are better examples of the drama...i really just can't think well these days....

BUT...the point...oh yeah, I think I had a point to this post...yes, here it is...

On Tuesdays I watch two other little girls (4and 5) along with little miss method actress. Today in an act of desperation I threw them all ,ok, i didn't really throw them...just instructed them FIRMLY to go into a room with a bunch of random craft supplies and glue and told them to knock themselves out.

I then went into the room farthest away from the room they were in and contemplated a shot of whiskey but settled for about 1,000 jelly bellies while the girls got busy...after about 10 minutes I went to make sure they A. hadn't made a HUGE mess and B. they hadn't killed eachother  (yep, in that order!)and do you know what??!!

Those sassy girls came up with these caterpillar guys all by themselves!!!! How cute are these guys? And what is even better, after they made them and the glue was relatively dry...they played with them...and GOT ALONG!  I swear it's true...world peace could be had through crafting together...I've seen it happen today before my very own eyes...

thank you if you actually read this looong post...i'm pretty sure i needed to vent (and no, i haven't even been drinking whisky...these are totally sober ramblings...)

also, does anyone know how to get lots of elmers glue off of cork floors? Just curious...   


  1. I love the first photo. So perfect. She does have a flair for the dramatic.
    Those catepillars are great- and very impressive. Go H-K-A!

  2. Daddy is sad Hayley!
    And I can't wait to see you tonight!