Sunday, May 16, 2010

another treasury=one step closer to understanding the computer!

yahoo! another treasury on Etsy! so this is good because i am getting a little better at copying a screen and pasting it here, although as you can see, i still can't figure out how to copy the entire thing...ideas anyone?


  1. If you have Windows XP, there is a button in the top, right of the keyboard "print screen". This essentially "copies" the entire screen. The problem is that you have to paste it somewhere. If you have photoshop you can do it there and save it as a jpeg or similar image type. You may be able to paste this somewhere else, but I'm not sure. (I know you can do it into Word, but that's not helpful for a blog post. Maybe you can paste it directly into a post?)
    If you have a mac you can press "Command +Shift+4" and automatically take a "clipping" of anything on your screen. If you have Windows Vista or 7, there is a application installed called "Snipping", I believe. This does the same thing.
    Ok. I'm done. Was that too much? :)