Thursday, May 6, 2010


the other day i was painting while my daughter was napping...this was unusual because i do most of my painting late at night while watching crappy tv shows (the hills anyone?) so, as i walked into the kitchen and caught a glimpse of what my painting situation was...i had a moment, a very grateful moment.
i am filled with gratitude for my husband who goes into work almost every day (and often travels) so that i can be homefor our daughter.
 i am also filled with gratitude that i have the kind of family that doesn't mind a little (ok, a lot) of chaos in the house because sometimes i get really into certain projects and let my other projects go for the laundry project and the dishes project...
i am grateful that i live in the bay area and can experience such luxurious moments of peace without fear.

i don't want to say i am lucky, because i just read an article that to believe in luck is more of a pessimistic view, but to believe that you just might have something to do with the outcome of your life is actually quite whatever the reason  i had this moment and realized how fortunate i am for it...I AM GRATEFUL....

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