Thursday, May 20, 2010

i've got a niiiiiiikon camera...i love to take the phoooootographs...

well, for mother's day my family went all out and got me a new camera!!!! (this grand gesture was a teeny bit inspired by the fact that my birthday was forgotton...ooops...) anyhow i got to know my new camera at a wonderful place for kiddos called studio grow. if you are in the Bay Area and have small kids in your life, check it out!


  1. ooh, your fancy kodachrome takes lovely photos. that place looks pretty cool. i love how serious a & h look while painting.

  2. yep...maybe we should take mr. t there to shake things up!

  3. Amazing pics! Yay for you and your new camera! Looks like we should set up a playdate soon! :-)