Monday, May 10, 2010

tattoo you!

so, a very brave friend of mine went for it  and got herself three tattoos all in one day (she said after childbirth, the pain was nothing...!) well, i must say, it is a wonderfully strange sensation to see my drawings permanently inked onto her body! she had asked me earlier to paint some birds on blocks for her, and because i absolutely adore her family, each bird came to represent each member of her family...i guess she liked it because guess what...she is living with these birds FOREVER now! 
the words in french say "my life has arrived"...
of course it got me thinking and now i am on a campaign for my husband and i to get secret tattoos but he is just laughs...and i probably won't really do it...i will just be happy living vicariously through my friend!
(sorry poopy photo quality) 


  1. absolutely incredible to get 3 tattoos at one time!
    all i can say is: ouch?
    well your illustrations are beautiful!

    and i'm inspired to maybe get my first tattoo one day...

  2. ok, why don't we all 4 of us go get secret tattoos in Napa...isn't that the mecca of skin art?

  3. Wow! Amy, I have been meaning to carve out a moment of alone-time to take a lookie-loo at your blog and lo and behold, as I am doing that this very moment I come upon... MY tattoos! How fun! Your art as body art is still receiving compliments-a-plenty out there in the world. Luv you!