Monday, June 14, 2010

turtley paper mache

well, here is the finished turtley paper mache project as promised in the prior post! i think i just like to say turtley...has anyone else seen that Dana Carvey movie where he is in all these different disguises and one is a turtle where he says "turtley" a lot...i have a lot of nostalgic love for Dana Carvey...the whole "choppin' broccoli" thing killed me and at such an impressionable age. i think that was from an era when i was watching SNL on my own for the first time..."isn't that special?"
as an aside, we were at a dinner party not too long ago and somebody told my husband he looked like Dana, even though that guy is dang funny, i can't really say i want my husband looking like him, you know what i mean? i don't think he does although this has made for some great teasing material. 


  1. turtle is very very cute! and there's no better word to describe him than "turtley".

  2. Love how the turtley came out. Nice job Amy. Oh, and your husband looks more like Russell Crowe, but he's not as funny as Dana.