Monday, July 12, 2010

donde esta world cup?

wow, my husband and son are soccer freaks and with world cup over now, our lives have suddenly opened up, more time to do things like...clean the house, pay the bills, stop drinking in the responsible people.
thank goodness world cup only happens once every four years, although i surprised myself by getting into it. i can't believe it but we had some good family times at a local pub watching soccer games in the middle of the day with loads of screaming fans. (good educational fun for the kids right? as if they haven't heard those words shouted out before! i meant "goooooal!", what words were you thinking?)
anyhow, we had a happy ending since my husband spent a year in Spain! Espana!!!!
dorky mom, i painted the flags on their faces the wrong direction...
my husband brought this flag around with him for the last month (kind of cute to see a grown man with his blankie...)this was the TV my husband kissed after Spain won the World Cup (i told you he was a soccer freak).


  1. So fun to hear about your soccer experience! My hubby went a little crazy too. Good times...

  2. hey miss C!!!!!!!!!!
    who did your hub want to win? and of course, have you seen Eclipse yet? and how are you?