Monday, July 19, 2010

"new" skirts

so i loooove these dresses so much and when they started to get a too tight and short on little missy, i decided to turn 'em into skirts. i know for all you seamstresses out there this is NO BIG DEAL, but i have never even worked with elastic!!! so, i'm pretty much ready for Project Runway now. Tim Gunn, here I come...and i'm "making it work!"


  1. Soo creative! What a great idea! You have to show me how to do this one of these days!

  2. Hoorah for you and tackling the elastic!

  3. Great blog! So happy to see the creativity and handmade items you do.

  4. Cecilia...this really is super easy and with your crafty background you can do it!
    Heidi...thanks for the elastic talks...
    Urban Bazaar...i'm so happy to be a part of what you ladies are doing...thank you!