Sunday, October 31, 2010

make it work...

the girls in their reconstructed ugly thrift store dresses....(i'm sorry there is not a before pic....but believe me these dresses were bad!!!)
the girls in their garbage bag creations...
 my niece, who was turning thirteen asked me to help her out with her Project Runway party. 
Sure I said...and the next thing you know I'm pretending to be Tim Gunn for a day and saying things like "You know, the way that garbage bag bunches in the front gives me have to make it work"  and "wow, the use of the duct tape as hem is quite original, you were really thinking outside the box, i think the judges will be happy...carry on" to a room full of teenage girls.

what I learned....
1. these girls were very creative.
2. I was amazed at the lack of fighting and snarkiness (i was really expecting the worst...)
3. if you pretend you are someone else for an extended period of time, it is hard to be yourself at the end of the party and you start freaking your niece out.... (ooops)
4. NO thirteen year old should EVER have a bellybutton ring
5. in fashion, one day you're in...and the next you're out!

carry on....


  1. this party seems like so much fun! it gives me hope the tween years may not be as torturous as i imagine!

  2. first of all, you look smoking hot. now i know that is wierd coming from a female friend. but you're in a man's suit, so i can say it: YOU A HOTTIE!!!

    your niece is awfully lucky to have you!!! what a wonderful party idea!

  3. well, well, well teri, good to know how sometimes you think you look good in a photo? I SWEAR i didn't think that about this one, i just wanted to post it cuz I was trying to look like Tim Gunn....but maybe I should try this man suit thing more...(although one of the girl's dads took one look at me and said "oh, i didn't know there would be trannies here..." ...HUH?

    yep, that party turned out very fun......

  4. you are too much! we love love love PR and have been catching up on our episodes here in Paris via a japanese website that streams the full episodes. you make a fabulous Tim Gunn. your niece will remember this forever. she's lucky!
    miss you!

  5. hahaha. Emma was telling me about this party. You have made an outstanding Tim gun, Amy! The outfit is great, but your Tim Gunn voice is even better!