Monday, January 17, 2011

sluggy day

baby, it's cold outside! at least it was yesterday morning when a friend and I went on a trail  run (well...we like to call it running, but in reality we should probably call it walking with lots of talking and strange bursts of jogging randomly thrown in)
anyhow, i think the best reward for getting up and out early (7:20) on a sunday morning would have to be all of the quiet beauty we have seen. one time we were even treated to a double rainbow (yes it was intense...but mind you, i was on a runner's high).
i call yesterday's "run" the slug run because there were just about a trillion of them everywhere. i'm sure we committed slug massacre with our feet, we couldn't help it. i am also wondering if the slugs have cast some sort of voodoo on me as i feel like a slug today...hard to find motivation for just about anything.


  1. What a beautiful blog! I love the images. The slug reminds me of Washington.

  2. oh so fun! i miss trail "running" with you guys! one of these days i'll be back when my kids let me!

    beautiful pics too! i don't know what's worse though - dodging slugs or horse poo... hmmm...

  3. thank you Julie and Miss C, can't wait for your return to the trails!