Saturday, January 8, 2011

holy cow

so, the addition project is just about done, just a couple of little details are left to be finished. this is a picture of the new CRAFT ROOM. i am really freaking happy about this. i am in a little bit of shock as well.
it has been about 4 months of construction and now there is this beautiful open space...
i think that with all of the construction my energy was really occupied with the bare necessities of daily life..and now that the fellas are gone, i feel like a space is opening up inside of me as well as in our home. all of a sudden new ideas are coming to me as is the motivation to work on 'em.

p.s. those are lockers i found in a DUMPSTER up on the wall, i can't wait to fill them with paint, scissors, fabric, glue, sparkly things, paper, ribbon, glitter, buttons, stamps, tape, things i can't bear to throw away, letters from special peeps, and i guess BILLS and boring stuff as well.....(basically all of the things i leave strewn about the house and drive my husband INSANE with...)

p.p.s. that is an old door we purchased at Urban Ore. We thought we were being so green and self righteous...ha! Joke is on us. the chemicals it is taking to get that freaking lead paint off (not to mention the potential health risks) is not what i would call green.


  1. I dont know who covets your craft room more, me or Todd. Dont be surprised if he packs up a large box of my fabric and other supplies and tries to stash them in there somewhere ;-)

  2. hmmmm...just as long as you come with it and teach me more sewing skills!

  3. amy, your new space is looking beautiful! i can't wait to see it in person...

  4. I love the new addition! I want to see it in person! xoxo