Saturday, February 12, 2011

it's official, we've got bieber fever.

so, i went with my daughter, neices, mother in law and sister in law to see the justin bieber movie, never say never.

wow! WOW! what a fascinating experience...the theater was filled with SCREAMING SCREECHING crazy ass girls going WACKO over this justin bieber! i felt like i was at an actual concert and not at some movie theater in the middle of the afternoon...towards the end of the movie about 40-50 girls even got up and danced in the front of the screen (while screaming of course). i even got to listen to a scream off type fight with a group of girls from the back yelling "we love you justin" while the girls in the front yelled "NO, WE LOVE JUSTIN" over and over...all the while other groups of girls were yelling "shut up" (typing this out i am wondering if this was the best idea to bring my three year old girl to...) well, too late now.

and you know, i have to admit, i got a little emotional as well...there were a few scenes that got me weepy... and just seeing these girls go bananas gave me the chills...i realize that my generation got the short end of the stick with this icon thing. my mother in law was saying how the screaming girls reminded her of her feelings towards Elvis, and then of course there were the Beatles...but who did we ladies of the 80's really have? Michael Jackson was awesome but never really crush material(at least not for me). and then all those boy bands...but just not one superstar...maybe it was Madonna but again, not quite the same kind of crush as Elvis or the Biebs... yes, i really just compared Justin Bieber with Elvis. that is how good i think he is. i am a belieber.
waiting for the bieber in all of his 3-D glory

this is video of the screaming girls dancing along with the movie (pretty cruddy quality, but listen to those screams!)

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