Tuesday, April 19, 2011

holy cow, a miracle!


no bee!

it must be the season of miraculous events...my daughter and two of her sweet friends made this shrine for a dead bee they found. as you can see a lot of work went into this project. and the bee was very dead seeming until i took a photograph, then it just up and flew away...!
with Easter upon us, all i could think was that this must be some sort of fantastic miracle we had witnessed...i felt like i should go shout it from the mountains...the bee is back!
but now that i am rational again, i think maybe the bee was just luxuriating in all of the sweet little girl attention that was being lavished upon him and when he spotted me with the camera he realized this type of relaxation might look bad back at the hive.

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  1. I didn't even know this full story so i am so glad you wrote about it. I have similar pics of this little graveyard.
    what a spectacular miracle. thank you for sharing this story. of course i have no idea why those kids didn't tell me themselves?!?!