Sunday, April 10, 2011

whooo loves owls?

yahooooo! I am very pleased because my father in law (otherwise known as grandpa bean) taught me to use his band now i can cut shapes out of wood....this is VERY EXCITING to me...the owls are my first attempt at a shape, i am thinking bees might be next...anyhow, i am loving it! nothing like a little band saw action to make a girl happy.


  1. amy, this is very exciting. love these owls..and now that you can work with those "man tools" there is so much potential to create some interesting things!

    i want to request a custom order for a specific shape!! let me know when you are ready!

  2. yes, i am a "man tool" woman now...hear me roar!!!!!!!! Yes, give me projects!!!!! and, do you like the backpack in the pic?

  3. i wish i had access to more power tools. i think i would definitely enjoy it! my husband tells me that his mother tried to apprentice him to a carpenter but that it didn't work out for her as well as she had hoped. or for me, either.

    i can't wait to see what else you come up with!