Wednesday, June 15, 2011

let's do lunch

recently i had the opportunity to volunteer with my kid's school for a project that culminated with a festival thrown for several parochial schools from the mission district in San Francisco. 
the festival was in honor of St. Francis of Assisi and included a play, singing, dancing, face painting, fortune telling, flower arranging and 350 free lunches. i helped in the making, assembling and passing out of the lunches, good thing they didn't ask me to help with the singing and dancing, instead of seeing happy, joyful children there might have been fearful and freaked out children.
anyhow, the way this last minute event went off without a hitch reminded me that people are capable of wonderful is to saying yes and getting involved....what will you say yes to?


  1. what a great project to be a part of! love the pics :-)

  2. awesome, amy. anyone who can recruit you is a very very lucky event or organization. you are sunshine and love!

    As for me, I will say YES to saying NO. must resist volunteering....