Tuesday, August 9, 2011


it is that time of year again!!! time for summer festivals and my personal favorite is definitely the zucchipalooza! a very new and hip festival located conveniently enough at my neighbor's house...lots of creativity to be found and some exciting new acts like zucchini pickles and an apple crisp made out of zucs! also, the old favorite standby, zucchini bread was featured...
have you heard of any new and wild zucchini acts? let me know...i think there might be a second date soon...
lots o zucs from my and a friend's garden. oh alright fine...one little one from my garden and the rest from my friend's garden. (garden envy...it ain't pretty)

the mixing and cradling (an often looked over step) of the zucs for the bread...
my lovely neighbor and a book that she is excited about (she has a real thing for Little House on the Prairie, how cute is that?)

can you believe this is about to be zucchini crisp, NOT apple crisp? i gotta tell you...it was very good...of course the butter, brown sugar and oatmeal that topped it may have had a lot to do with that!

zuchinnis just chillin'
oh my...warm bread........need i say more?

OK, don't know what is up with this pic...my computer decided to go on strike from rotating beautiful pictures of zucchini pickles.


  1. Little House RULES! And so does Zucccccchipalooza.

  2. i'm intrigued by zucchini crisp. i'll admit to not being much of a zucchini fan, though i would definitely try that. my good friend, who has a huge mid-western garden, every year pulls out her hair trying to find new and interesting ways to cook up her zucchini. her family always rebels at some point. haha!