Monday, November 21, 2011

hi folks

does it ever bother you how often politicians use the word "folks"? as in "folks need jobs"..."folks need health care"...i find it super condescending, what is wrong with the word people?
anyhow, enough of that...a while back i had a chance to check out an exhibit of folk art. but you know, it was really just people art. i guess saying "folk" means not fancy or educated. maybe that is why i am sick of hearing politicians use that word...because it IS condescending.
ok, enough is the awesome people art i saw.

 these top two were done by a folk named Mose Tolliver. He lived from 1919-2006 and was one of twelve children. During the 60's he was hurt badly when a slab of marble crushed his legs while working in a factory. to relieve boredom after the accident he began to paint...a lot.  really love his people/folk. they have excellent noses.
great colors

i think this was from a tailor shop

this painting was from a barber shop, i'm considering getting a dollar sign shaved into my hair and now i have the perfect picture to bring to my hair lady.
 doesn't this guy remind you of a few of our GOP hopefuls? (scary.)
i would rather have this bear thing as my president than the previous offering.

more hairdo options

anyhow, i love the colors here and would be over the top happy to have anyone of these folk arts grace the walls in my house...much more so than most fancy people art


  1. those are beautiful! i love old art and photos!
    looks like you had lots of fun! i think that $ would look unique and different :D
    hailey bop.<3

  2. i love those folksy paintings!