Saturday, September 29, 2012

get out, get inspired!

hola! long time no post! i'm trying this again...could it be quitting facebook is influencing my need to post? hello??? interwebs??? i am heeeere!!!! 

anyhow, i must admit, i live in the burbs with my family and i often get caught up in soccer, homework, birthday parties, book club etc....and this is CRAZEEEEEEE because i live next to one of the very best cities in the WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD! san inspire me like nothing else.

my hubs, kids and i had the opportunity to enjoy a quick 24 hours in the city and here is what we saw...

that's right! Banksy in Chinatown!

hello dancing blue lady with flying babies, i like you!

oh no scary blue skull guy, please don't eat my babies (unless i tell you it is o.k.!)

what are you looking at sweetie pie?

so this is just a store front in the Mission eyeballs like to feast on things like this!

grrrrr kitty

the best blue house ever

how great are these masks? (and the kids in them!!!)

so, is it strange that i was totally smiling for the camera in this photo? 

anyhooo, please get out of your routine once in is sooo good for you (and it makes you realize that getting your 4 year old to her soccer practice is in NO way near the most important thing.......)


  1. Yay! It must have been me, because I came on your blog yesterday and there was nothing new! That must have done the trick. HAHA just kidding. San Fransisco is beautiful! See you later alligator!

  2. Amy, if you like and appreciate Banksy, a must-see documentary is "Exit Through The Gift Shop". Streams thru Netflix. You and John will like it.