Thursday, December 20, 2012

sexy before and after makeover magic

well, here she was before the magic. you could call her sturdy...and could see her potential. (not what every lady likes to hear, right girls?)

and here she is after a little spa time (she got the orbital sanding treatment) color consultation, proper product use technique, a good waxing and buffing.

normally she is not the type of lady to let you see her in such a vulnerable moment but she has to share that her transformation is not just superficial...her insides have changed as well. she is feeling brighter, more colorful...playful even!
running with her new found sense of deep inner confidence and beauty she decided to attend a little holiday party at A Room With a Past. she mingled with the other party goers, but as you can see, she was clearly the belle of the ball.
she had a wonderful evening and as luck (or is it makeover magic) would have it...she found herself a new house to go to...a lovely grandma and grandpa spotted her and decided she would be perfect for their grandchild's room they were fixing up at their house.
so ladies, let that be a lesson to you...take a little time to gussy yourself up once in never know what adventure might be waiting for you. according to this pic i should probably take my own advice since this is what i tend to look like while i am creating makeover magic on unsuspecting potential if only somebody would come and give me some makeover magic...i could use a good orbital sanding...

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