Thursday, December 20, 2012

sexy before and after makeover magic

well, here she was before the magic. you could call her sturdy...and could see her potential. (not what every lady likes to hear, right girls?)

and here she is after a little spa time (she got the orbital sanding treatment) color consultation, proper product use technique, a good waxing and buffing.

normally she is not the type of lady to let you see her in such a vulnerable moment but she has to share that her transformation is not just superficial...her insides have changed as well. she is feeling brighter, more colorful...playful even!
running with her new found sense of deep inner confidence and beauty she decided to attend a little holiday party at A Room With a Past. she mingled with the other party goers, but as you can see, she was clearly the belle of the ball.
she had a wonderful evening and as luck (or is it makeover magic) would have it...she found herself a new house to go to...a lovely grandma and grandpa spotted her and decided she would be perfect for their grandchild's room they were fixing up at their house.
so ladies, let that be a lesson to you...take a little time to gussy yourself up once in never know what adventure might be waiting for you. according to this pic i should probably take my own advice since this is what i tend to look like while i am creating makeover magic on unsuspecting potential if only somebody would come and give me some makeover magic...i could use a good orbital sanding...

Thursday, November 29, 2012

DIY cupcake cards

remember a few posts ago when I said I had a bunch of random jobs? one i forgot to mention was that of a cupcake card maker...what haven't you ever heard of a cupcake card maker? it is something i get to do for Sinful Bliss Cupcakes (super yum, if you are ever in Pleasant Hill...this is a must).
i have fun making these cards with upcycled materials (except for the actual card), i find images from old books, already used cards, random scraps of paper, etc...anyhow, thought i would share:

Monday, November 26, 2012

2nd grade art fun

I had the wonderful opportunity to sub in a second grade classroom last week, i was told to come with some crafts and here is what happened!
pointillism art using pencil erasers and ink pads (these actually were not as much fun as i thought they would be...i think the kids agree although these examples are pretty cute)

pipe cleaner and yarn word art (an idea lifted from the wonderful world of giddygiddy)
now this project exceeded my expectations and really centered and focused the kids in an extraordinary likey a lot!

lucky dad!

and you can NEVER go wrong with some leaves (gathered on a nature walk) and GOOGLY EYES!!!! and while you are doing this project you must repeat the words GOOGLY EYES over and over with a bunch of kids until you forget what GOOGLY EYES even are anymore!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

the question....

"so, what do you do?" an innocent enough question, right? we meet at a social gathering, I ask you, you ask big deal right? except for me it kinda is...because I never know how to answer it. my problem is that i do so many odds and ends kinda things that i do not have just one answer. 
so what do i do?
a. list all of my things i do:
1. baby boot camp instructor
2. personal trainer
3. preschool/elementary school substitute teacher
4. etsy shop owner
5. Room With a Past curator
6. daycare provider
7. cupcake flavor sign lady (see above)at Sinful Bliss
8. occasional commissioned artist for room murals, tattoo designs and other artwork  
9. full time mom!

and watch as eyes glaze over

or b. answer in a vague way that makes it seem like i am hiding something i.e.
"oh, you know...keep busy!"
and watch as eyes become guarded as in "what is this lady she one of those suburban mom drug cartel ladies i've heard so much about?"

sooooo, is this even a real problem? do any of you creative types out there ever encounter this dilemma? how should i answer the next time "the question" comes up?

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

election day 2012 through the eyes of a 12 year old

happy election day! these are some of the political figures on my 12 year old's radar. the bottom guy is the governor of California, Jerry Brown...with a tan. and since our last name is O'Brien, apparently Obama needs an apostrophe as well. I must say I love Clinton's chic black dress! anyhow, based on Obama's dreamy green eyes in this picture, he has my vote...but I really really really hope I can vote for Clinton in 2016! 

Saturday, September 29, 2012

get out, get inspired!

hola! long time no post! i'm trying this again...could it be quitting facebook is influencing my need to post? hello??? interwebs??? i am heeeere!!!! 

anyhow, i must admit, i live in the burbs with my family and i often get caught up in soccer, homework, birthday parties, book club etc....and this is CRAZEEEEEEE because i live next to one of the very best cities in the WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD! san inspire me like nothing else.

my hubs, kids and i had the opportunity to enjoy a quick 24 hours in the city and here is what we saw...

that's right! Banksy in Chinatown!

hello dancing blue lady with flying babies, i like you!

oh no scary blue skull guy, please don't eat my babies (unless i tell you it is o.k.!)

what are you looking at sweetie pie?

so this is just a store front in the Mission eyeballs like to feast on things like this!

grrrrr kitty

the best blue house ever

how great are these masks? (and the kids in them!!!)

so, is it strange that i was totally smiling for the camera in this photo? 

anyhooo, please get out of your routine once in is sooo good for you (and it makes you realize that getting your 4 year old to her soccer practice is in NO way near the most important thing.......)

Sunday, December 11, 2011

copy catter dirty ratter

so an amazingly talented and creative lady i know of giddy giddy fame came up with this DIY wreath all out of her brain and blew me away! instead of using painted paper bags, i used some scrapbook paper inherited from my mom and a wreath form found at the thrift store. anyhow, isn't copying supposed to be flattering? or am i just a copy catter dirty ratter? either way, this was a fun and satisfying project! thank you miss T!