Thursday, October 15, 2009

confessions of a lady who lunched

i must confess...the other day i was...gasp......a lady who lunches...but before any ideas of a relaxing time at the spa followed by a loooong leisurely mostly liquid lunch pop into your mind, let me tell you how i prefer to do it! (although that fancy way might not be bad either)

first, my 2 year old daughter and my wonderful friend (check her out at )got a little lost on our way to the East Bay Depot, (nice tour of Oakland/Berkeley).

then upon arriving at the East Bay Depot (you MUST check them out ) I had to take a little time to gather myself as I nearly hyperventelated from the glory of it all...the treasures to be had, the junk to be sorted, the limitless possibilities...WOW.

after our baskets and imaginations were full, we made our purchases (hint...wait for a fella to ring up your items...i promise it is a good idea).

then we took our hungry selves to this wonderful little place called Burma Superstar! another treasure found...

perfect afternoon for this lady who kinda lunches once in a while in her own funky way.

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  1. I know Miss H. will never forgive me for pricking her hand with a sharp needle!! But when and if she does, can we do this again???? PLEASE! XOXOXOX