Sunday, October 18, 2009

the latest garage band to hit the scene

yahoo! my son and the neighborhood kids have taken an intest in the instruments that are set up in the garage (see sad husband who doesn't get to play them enough).
these kids have been figuring out how to play "We Will Rock You" by Queen all by themselves...over and over and over again!
but I would rather listen to them play repetitiously at very loud volumes (which I did all weekend) then see them vegetablelizing in front of a video game...don't get me started on my feelings towards video games...suffice it to say ...YUCK.


  1. Sorry I missed the jam session. I am so with you on the yucko video games. And I am happy you are happy to listen to them rock out loudly at your house!

  2. well miss Heidi, i am sure you could persuade them into another performance!