Wednesday, January 27, 2010

more birds...

ok, i have painted some more birds for my etsy shop. so what is it about me and birds? i can think of many moments in my life where birds have played a role but lately i have been noticing TONS of bird/squirrel action. i mean like i think crows and squirrels may be plotting to take over the world. seriously. it seems as though every single time i go on a walk or run outside i seem to come upon a crow/squirrel meeting. usually i seem to be scattering it up and the squirrles run off and the crows hop/fly off...what is going anyone else out there having this experience? WHAT ARE THEY DOING??? I NEED TO KNOW!


  1. this painting is beautiful. i love the use of the natural wood as part of the image.
    and rumor has it that the crows and squirrels are plotting some sort of world domination thing. they're so devious!

  2. hmmm... i wonder what that crow/squirrel meeting would look like - painted on wood?

  3. I love that idea!!!!!!!!! it is amazing the things that friends think of!