Friday, January 29, 2010

photo shop fun

so this here is an example of two things. the puppets i used to make and sell at the farmer's market in Chico, California during another lifetime about 10 years ago...and the fun you can have in photoshop! i am just trying to figure it out...half the time i am just randomly pressing buttons and hoping for the best. for instance, i could NEVER get a blue background again...i swear, my computer just started to feel sorry for all my lame attempts and just sighed and did the job herself...


  1. are you practicing for our screen printing projects? i am going to get the lamp this weekend. and transparencies of a couple images. if the tshirts come, do you have time this weekend to do 'em??

  2. yes! I was hoping to do it! i'll be around sat afternoon/evening and all sunday...what about you?
    john says we have a 200 watt lightbulb...