Friday, July 30, 2010

latest screenprinting project: TWO COLORS AT ONE TIME (this is a big deal...for real)

wow. it has been a quietly intense week. it has just been little missy and myself holding down the fort while husband is in chicago on business and my son is at his dad's house. i know i am blessed to spend time with my daughter at home and BLAH BLAH BLAH..but if i have to clean up one more pee-pee bed (yep, she peed in all three of our beds...multiple times... even though she has been potty trained for quite some time now) and scrape playdough off of couches (or much less play with it for hours on end with her because did i tell you? she seems just as freaked out by the sudden quiet in our household and has become EXTRA private potty time for me this week).............
oh no, now i just feel guilty. like i didn't have enough patience with her when we were both feeling out of sorts. oh i just feel like a sh***y mom.

wow, parenting is so wild. no emotion left unexplored.

all i really wanted to say was that my neighbor and i had a chance to make these chinese lantern screen prints with a technique that was new to us. now i don't care.

think a shot of whiskey might help this mood?

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  1. a HUGE deal. i hope you dont mean that you dont care... sniff... and i hope even more that y'all are back to normal now that your boys are home. you are so not a poopy mom!!