Tuesday, August 3, 2010

family vacay day one

 my family and i are on a sierra vacation. up in beautiful Truckee, California. (have I ever mentioned how much love i feel for California? well, I do)
anyhow, my 10 year old boy and I had some really nice bonding time building bike ramps together...i know right? building bike ramps! but something about the two of us, out in nature with a hammer and a bunch of nails really did the trick for some good mom/son quality time. have you ever knocked the crap out of a dead log with a hammer? well, we can tell you...it is a lot of fun. and have you ever just hammered nails all over the place in a forest just because? well, that is fun too.
we ended up with two bike jumps and no bodily injuries (amazing)! i was even brave enough to try one of them once. 
i do have to admit, everything was not as wonderful as this to begin with...there is a Wii where we are staying and I woke to sounds of my son begging to play it FIRST THING IN THE MORNING. (have I ever shared my hatred for video games...especially in the daylight hours????) anyhow, it was not a proud parenting moment when i stormed out of bed and dropped an F bomb in my speech about how lazy people play video games in the day and we are not lazy and we better get our butts outside NOW.


but after that, we got into a happier space...all it took was a little aggressive hammering and nailing. sorry trees. 


  1. 1- I love H's pose in the first pic
    2- I love her PINK shoelaces
    3- coooool bike ramp. I know a certain 7yo who would loooove to try it out.
    4- i could use a hammer, nails, and some trees right now!

  2. this post made me laugh out loud.
    amy, you are one of the best parents i have ever met.
    seriously, when i'm in a parenting crunch, i apply : WWAD (what would amy do).
    love you!

  3. Leo is looking like a tween. I bet he is taller than I am.

  4. so Anonymous!!! I can't really say if Leo is taller than you....because you are anonymous! Who are you? What a mystery!!!!