Sunday, September 5, 2010

orange you happy?

i was thinking about the color orange. (those pumpkins must be affecting me) i was thinking how when people claim orange as their favorite color, they really claim it.
 think about it, can't you just tell when someone is an orange lover? bright, happy, glowing shots of orange here and there? my grandpa was an orange lover! that made him even more special in my eyes... there is something bold in pledging your allegiance to orange! (and just for the record, my favorite color is blue...yawn!)


  1. the subject of the 2nd photo claims orange as his favorite color. i think 'bold' sums him up too.

  2. you are funny!
    i didn't even know that about you?
    you have orange and lavender danskos, don't you?

  3. Fudo! Nice to see that familiar face, I'll have to be sure to show Nola. As you may recall Amy, my house is decorated with orange accents and the "me" bird on my tattoos sports the orange-colored dot. So, I was touched to read your post today about us orange-lovers!