Thursday, September 2, 2010

punkins in the pumpkin patch

our front yard gave us a gift this year, 20 volunteer pumpkins at last count! and I can't believe it but some are ready to be harvested. (enter child labor...) 
this little cookie could be a farmer, she was out there in the hot sun,  cutting pumpkins off the vine (with big stems left) and carrying them to the garage...very determined.
this little cookie could be a tween with tude (oh wait, he practically is!)...too cool to really get first!
the loot...10 pumpkins were ready to go, we are going to make sure all the neighborhood kids get one for the best holiday of the year...Halloween!
 (oh yes, that is just a very large picture of my sweetie pie, Ron Burgundy, on our garage know I'd like to drink some scotchie scotch scotch with him!)


  1. Wow! Is it almost that time already?! Great pictures by the way :-)

  2. beautiful photos and pumpkins!!

  3. thanks guys, figuring out this camera seems to be getting harder...not easier.