Friday, October 1, 2010

meet my peeps

uh oh, i think the word on the street is that little items otherwise known as clutter can find a nice, easy (except for the layer of dust) life in my house. these little guys have come to me from all over, thrift shops, garage sales, my mom, my childhood, my children...some of them i'm not sure when they appeared on the scene.
apparently, word has spread that i pretty much have an open door policy, no real rhyme or reason as to why something gets put on a shelf...i don't ask too many questions...if you are rabbits with a thing for spanking, well, who am i to judge? (see above picture)
maybe the only population that might not make it up on a shelf in my house would be modern day disney stuff...sorry princess crap, but i don't feel too bad as i know there are tons of people that love that stuff (my daughter included).
anyhow, i suspect all of these guys have been contacting their buddies on the outside, letting them know about these cheap and easy digs...i swear these things (guys? creatures? crap?) are multiplying and i am too big a softy (bleeding heart liberal) to show any of them the door. is this happening to anyone else out there?  

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