Wednesday, October 13, 2010


hubba hubba!!! handsome fella painting the living room for my birthday (in my mind, that is the PERFECT gift!) never once did i stop to think why he did this so was completed in two days
this is the living room before shot...kinda dark and gloomy
this is the living room after shot!!! again, i never once wondered why the husband and kids finished this project so fast and decorated with lots of b-day hats...
this is what the family did on the morning of my birthday, so sweet!
little did I know, the house was being prepared for this! SURPRISE! This is my father in laws famous bread pudding, my absolute favorite.
lovely faces 

wow, did my husband ever surprise me this year for my ...ummm...27th birthday.  All I really asked for was for us to paint the living room in brighter colors, as you all know...usually these things take time. And with kids and work and life, these things can take LOTS of time.
so why wasn't I a little more suspicious when my husband busted this project out in two days?
maybe because I had told my husband about two weeks prior that what I really DID NOT want for my birthday was a party of any kind.
but, you know what? sometimes these husband guys have really good ideas...and after the sheer panic I experienced upon realizing a houseful of people were coming for a party faded, (and I drank a beer to calm the nerves) I had a very wonderful evening. with very wonderful friends and family. in a pretty new living room. next to the best man i've ever met. and all of this on a TUESDAY night...which if you have kids, you know this is a big deal!
anyhow thank you. this 29 year old feels blessed and grateful. 


  1. it's nice to do things for your best friend sometimes. ; )
    I'm glad you enjoyed it!

  2. umm... we need a few rooms painted by a shirtless man too....

  3. we were just sooo happy to be able to celebrate with you!!! we love you sooo much!!!!

  4. awww... sorry I had to miss it. Love the video (with those loud boys cha-cha-cha'ing ...who's kids are they?!). And what's with Frankentodd in the last photo?!

  5. haha! that is Frankentodd.....his shoulder looks a little hunched...maybe he was stressed because he did not have that bride of his there...