Sunday, December 19, 2010

nominations for good husband of the year

well, this has been a really busy year for this family. i was fine with just skipping the holiday greeting cards, but my really good husband decided to take on this task all by himself. so, even though we aren't really even Beatles fans, and these really aren't the most attractive photos of any of us (well, maybe Boots looks good)...i give my fella lots of props for doing this. so can i please hear some more good husband stories that are pretty cute? please comment.

oh yeah...happy holidays.


  1. so brilliant! we love it and can't wait to get ours in the mail! Kudos to Jon.

    I think you all look freakin great. (emphasis on the word freakin).

    We are so glad we know another family that makes their holiday card a creative and fun one!

  2. I LOVE THIS! Props to your hubby! I will try to wait patiently for my card in the mail. Hugs!

  3. that's pretty awesome. i wish i got more hilarious ones like this in the mail. and also that i made them in time to go out for the holidays, too!