Wednesday, December 29, 2010

yay area...reason #216 why i love this place....

sooo good.

i love these two turkeys very much.

come in.
i'm lookin' at the man pre-schooler in the mirror
yeah..that's right...Bay Area!!!!
just so freaking pretty
we had a whale of a good time
it's in our DNA
wow! the crazy flurry of the holidays is OVAH!!!!!! (over). YES!!!!!! don't you feel calm...or calmer at least? that PRESSURE is gone (yeah is all self induced...but it is still least i'm not as bad as Natalie Portman, hangnail picker extraordinaire, (Black Swan, a very GOOD MOVIE...hello Oscar for Miss Portman, but what the hell? way too much pressure girl...) 
Anyhow, it is time for this stressed out family to relax...and do things like visit the Lawrence hall of science in Berkeley. 
Have you realized now just how much I looove California? And particularly the Bay Area? I know, I know...the entire world is really incredible but I feel so strong about this little piece of earth...YAY AREA! Such a sentimentalist!


  1. great pics! i LOVE this place too! feel so lucky to live here and can't imagine living anywhere else! :-)

  2. I've never been, the pictures make me want to go soon.