Thursday, January 6, 2011

Baby Boot Camp Rocks

moms and babes gathering up for some strength training
lunge/stroller walks  
getting strong biceps for baby lifting
happy faces (i think this little fella and little lady should become sweethearts someday)
jogging with the babies

for a little over three years I have been an instructor for Baby Boot Camp. this is a very wonderful organization where mamas and their babies/children can come to fitness classes to get a much needed workout. or so it seems on the surface. what really happens is so much more than a workout.
being a new mom can be an incredibly isolating, scary, life changing experience...sometimes just getting out of the house to get a little grocery shopping done is the exact equivalent to get motivated to summit Mt. Everest.
so to come to a class where everyone on some level is experiencing those same feelings is soooo valuable. i can't tell you how many times a  kinda haggard and tired looking new mom shows up to nervously introduce herself and her baby to the class and leaves BEAMING! i have so much respect for what it took for this lady to
a.get herself and baby to class on time
b. try something new
c. come to an exercise class
d. muster up the nerve to get in workout clothes and then SPEAK in front of a group of strangers!

what happens in these classes is obviously a workout which is great...i firmly believe that doing something active everyday keeps us sane. on the days when i can't get it together and don't break a sweat, i turn into a truly horrific person around 5pm. (just ask my family)

the other thing that happens has been fun to watch, all of the conversations...some silly and fluffy (wow, i have heard sooo much about American Idol, The Biggest Loser, Jersey Shores, Desperate Housewives of Wherever, i don't EVER have to watch any of them)
other talks have some meat on 'em, the kind of conversation that i realize is essential to emotional well being. i have seen lots of moms open up, become vulnerable in front of the other moms, to realize that they are surrounded by women going through the same issues. i have seen deep bonds form, and women who normally wouldn't ever be friends are connected for life through the shared experience of mothering.

so while a workout is crucial...that is the EASY part of Baby Boot Camp, the hard part, and the most important part, is realizing how much you need friends and support, and being brave enough to value yourself to make it happen.



  1. amen. i couldn't have said it better myself. it is such a great program and i don't know what motherhood would've been like without BBC. i find that no matter what kind of morning i'm having - if i can just get to class - my whole day is better and my family thanks you wonderful instructors for it! and i agree - initially we're there for the workout but we stay for the friendships that we make. thanks for posting and extra-special thanks for the workout and friendship!

  2. Love this article Amy!! I completely agree and you are an awesome instructor and friend!!!

  3. thank you Sandy and Cecilia! me loves you guys....

  4. This post made me cry. Thanks for always kicking my butt! I love waking up and being mad at you cause I'm so sore. YOU ROCK! Thanks for helping me find community here. Love ya xoxo

  5. And I thought it was the pregnancy hormones that brought the tears to my eyes! :) Great article Amy, you guys have become so important in our lives. Lukey wakes up asking if we are going to bootcamp today. The friends and connections we have made cannot be duplicated. So glad I was in the park the day fliers were being passed out almost two years ago now! Go bootcamp moms. You Rock!!