Sunday, February 27, 2011

cure for the blues

learning to work together
 sometime ago i had volunteered to do makeup for a play at my kid's school...and doesn't it figure when the time came to do it, my face and eyes were swollen like crazy from a two week battle with poison oak, my husband was away for work for 10 days...let's just say i was in a yucky place. i was feeling put upon by this task i had volunteered to do when i was feeling better.
but something about HELPING these kids put on a play turned out to be just the right cure for this self-pitying lady.
i had never painted on faces before and it is a really nice experience (although it may have been terrifying for the kids when my giant puffy monster face started breathing coffee dragon breath into their faces...but i enjoyed it from my end.)
also, i should know by now that anytime my kid's school (which i loooooove) decides to do a play, i am bound to learn a beautiful life lesson. this play was called Friendship Valley, all about how every single one of us is important...even the tiniest frog!
so even though my face and a-hem, other parts of my body, were still ON FREAKING FIRE from the poison oak, my heart and spirit were lifted by such a simple thing...a little bit of volunteer work and time spent with children.

p.s. it turns out i happen to be pretty allergic to poison oak and i am now on a course of prednisone.
another volunteer gets a frog ready

sweet racoon

my favorite, the badger and squirrel

standing in line to perform

scene from Friendship Valley

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  1. amy, i want to enroll myself in this school!
    and what lucky kids to have you so involved!
    (that raccoon is so darling!)