Wednesday, February 16, 2011

sweet give away!

two very creative ladies i know from Baby Boot Camp are embarking on a new sweet, yummy business journey called My Sugar Scape. they create wonderful, edible, beautiful, decorative tables for festive personal favorite is the Star Wars themed table...who wouldn't love this?
may the force be with your teeth if you eat all of this...

can you imagine this at a little party? super pretty.

swanky and yummy...

My Sugar Scape is offering a free give away contest! Free cute stuff...for leaving a comment on their blog...the chances of winning are pretty good..are you feeling lucky??? go for it! (a set of my heart coasters are up for a prize, and check out how cute the headband is...drooling over here!)

just go to their blog and follow the instructions! may the force be with you!

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