Friday, February 4, 2011

get your paint on!

i am taking an online painting class called get your paint on. it is taught by lisa congdon and mati rose. (drool drool, i really love both of these local bay area ladies work so much) when i heard they were teaching an online painting class i had to think about it for all of one second and then signed up on the spot.

our first week's assignment was based on the amazing quilts coming out of Gee's Bend. i had never heard of these before but just look! wow. we had to let ourselves be inspired by these friggin' amazing images! mine came out a bit subdued but i think i was somehow trying to balance out the chaos of having a sick three year old with me nonstop for the entire week.

anyhow, this has been a great experience so far, and i've got to socks are knocked off at all of the creativity out there.  i encourage everyone to take some sort of class...keep the juices flowing!  

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  1. very cool. I saw the Gee's Bend exhibit at SFMoma a few years ago. They are amazing...and great inspiration!