Thursday, February 3, 2011

i think i turned into a hippie today

evidence that i might have turned into a hippie today

a. i made my own granola bar things...(i finally figured out how my food processor goes together and i "pulsed" some almonds, walnuts, honey, flax seeds, oats, dried cherries and raisins together...spread it out on a baking pan, froze it....and hello! hecka healthy bar things that so far my three year old loooves, let's see what the real critic (the 10 year old) will say.

b. i rinsed my hair with vinegar. maybe all of you are already doing this and i am late to the party but i am contemplating ditching conditioner after this. my hair feels super soft, looks shiny and there weren't any tangles. 
why vinegar? my daughter has had a bad cold recently and has become EXTRA CLINGY, this means i have been taking baths with her (because apparently if i were to take a shower on my own, this is the equivalent of abandoning my family to join the circus in my daughter's mind). so for the last, i'm really not sure how many days it has been, i have been "washing" my hair in funky bathwater. my scalp and hair felt and looked like poo and somewhere in the back of my mind i remembered a vinegar rinse...i am telling you people, my head feels good and i don't think it smells like vinegar. i will do a little test on my husband when he comes home.

c. anyhow, am i a hippie? don't these activities seem hippie-ish to you? does my daughter need to get well so i can get the @(&$(Q** out of this house? perhaps.   anyhow,
do you have some cool hippie tips? please comment, i need more hippie activities.

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  1. No hippie tips but I love your wit-It made me laugh out loud. :) Especially the line about joining the circus! :)