Monday, June 27, 2011

map wrap

why buy brand new wrapping paper when you probably have some great options lying around the house already? i have a ton of maps saved up from my life before GPS and google maps that make for some colorful gifts. old bingo game papers, architect plans and kid's artwork are some other ways to reuse your old stuff and make a gift pretty....please leave a comment if you have any other great upcycle gift wrap ideas!


  1. coloring pages from kids coloring books.
    trader joe's paper bags.
    the yellow pages.

    I hope i win a prize for mentioning 4 ideas!

  2. well well well teri, for mentioning four fabulous ideas you win a week long free vacation for a daily excursion to Pleasant go thrifting, crafting, bitching, swimming, eating...whatever "ing" you want....allyours!!!! FREEEEEE! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!