Monday, June 27, 2011

photoshop magic!

i was the right age to really buy into the fairy tale i believed Princess Diana represented...  (i didn't understand the sad bits until i was older.)
of all the celebrity deaths, hers affected me the most. this picture startled me when i first saw it , isn't this crazy good photoshop work?
anyhow, completely cheesy, bare with me on this bit of royal stargazing  but i bet Diana really would love Kate.


  1. creepy cover. But I loved the Diane fairytale too - and the awful soap opera that it turned out to be was fascinating... I also totally remember where I was and how shocked I was when I heard about her death.

  2. It worked!! See, I really do still love you and your blog. ;-) Just Kaiser doesnt.

  3. oh good, i still feel the love. whats up Kaiser?